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    Post by Yorkshirelass on Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:09 am

    Hi Richard. OK I will try and ask my question better this time round lol. A women who is a classic NARC has two children,one the golden child and the other the not as loved one (scapegoat). And the scapegoat child has grown up and into a covert NARC and goes on to have children herself,her two children one a son becomes the golden child and the same the other a daughter the scapegoat through treating her children how her mum treated her growing up.
    What I want to know is why did her daughter not turn into a covert NARC like her and why did her mum become a covert NARC and not just a codependent. I don't understand why some people become narcs themselves from being the scape goat but some don't. Or have I got it wrong and scapegoats and golden child's all turn into narcs but can have cptsd added on top too?

    Also would you mind letting me know when you have done a YouTube it possible that if there's one NARC in a group that there maybe all attract like. As my therapist says I have just been unlucky and never met good people. But how can someone be that unlucky? I think I maybe within a group of narcs and have been all my life. Do I need to get rid of them all?

    I hope I have explained that better this time round . sorry if I haven't.

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